This course will help you to understand the spectrum of Ceramic clay bodies and glazes, practically & theoretically.

Duration :      10 sessions, two hours per sessions (20 hours).
                     4 hours for theory with technical discussions.

Content :       Introduction to raw materials of clay & glazes, understanding concept of clay body & glazes

  Day 1:  Introduction to clay raw material. Physical testing of clay raw material along with related theory
  Day 2:  Result evaluation after firing the clay material individually at higher temperature.               Understanding the concept of clay body. Making test pieces of different clay bodies.
  Day 3:  Studying the results of fired clay bodies. Introduction to glaze raw materials, making line blend               of glaze.
  Day 4:  Understanding the result of line blend, composing transparent glaze from line blend.
  Day 5:  Addition of coloring agents to the transparent glaze
  Day 6:  Addition of opacifiers with colorants and treating the glazes
  Day 7:  As day 6
  Day 8:  As day 6
  Day 9:  Introduction to glaze application
Day 10:  Studying the results & question answers

Fees: Rs. 8000/- (Eight thousand only), inclusive of the material & firing charges.

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