Introduction to the specific method of Mural making by using high temperature clay & glazes.

Duration :      10 sessions, two hours per sessions (20 hours).
                     4 hours for theory with technical discussions.

Content :       Studying the method of Mural making and introduction to clay & glazes for Mural making.

  Day 1:  Introduction to the requirement of clay body for Mural
  Day 2:  Design development and concept of calculating the shrinkage of clay body
  Day 3:  Slab rolling for Mural and preparing it for clay work
  Day 4:  Working on mural
  Day 5:  As day 4
  Day 6:  Cutting the Mural into pieces and putting them for drying. Selection of colors
             and preparing the test pieces of glazes
  Day 7:  Biscuting the mural. More test trials for glazes
  Day 8:  Glazing the Mural
  Day 9:  Correction and re-firing if required
Day 10:  Studying the results & question answers

Size of the Mural will be 12" * 18"

Fees: Rs. 6000/- (Six thousand only), inclusive of the material & firing charges.

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