This course is useful to the students who wish to get necessary education on this field which is based on practical & theoretical knowledge in Ceramics & Pottery.

Duration :      10 sessions, two hours per sessions (20 hours).
                     4 hours for theory with technical discussions.

Content :       Introduction to hand builds method, exposure to wheel work, Glaze Application and firing                      at Stoneware temperature.

  Day 1:   Introduction to pinching method
  Day 2:   Introduction to coil method
  Day 3:   Making articles by using coils
  Day 4:   Articles by using slab method
  Day 5:   Making articles by slab method
  Day 6:   Making articles by combining slab & coil methods
  Day 7:   Demonstration on the wheel
  Day 8:   Theory and technical discussions
  Day 9:   Glaze application on the articles done by the students
Day 10:   Discussions on the results question & answers.

Note: Each student will get chance on potters’ wheel

Fees: Rs. 6000/- (Six thousand only), inclusive of the material & firing charges. (Four articles per student will be fired).

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